I know lots of people who would PEEP here with the thought 'OMG' what a bold subject but beleive me you will be amazed after reading whole .:)
This is all about change of perception. SWAPPING OF LOVE from past some months M love interest is changing , I am giving more respect now.
OH ! HO ... I am talking about country n its people yaar :D. I was fan of USA since childhood.I always said "if i go to USA, i will never come back". But after coming here within month or two I got a drastic cultural shock and I started thinking of leaving USA and wanted to go back to my country.
But as i said from past some months i am in love with USA as i am seeing good things, not only in love with USA but in love with the people of USA .
People here have amazing POSITIVE ATTITUDE . OMG I have never seen before. Everyone you will see is like praising each other like anything, ing lots of encouragement and always POSITIVE VIBES. They think positive in every manner. I was like.. " HUM INDIANS KO INSE SEEKHNA CHAHIYE".
I am going to tell you one TRUE EXAMPLE of it :- in LAS VEGAS a girl name BRITNY was attacked by someone n that boy killed her sis n make her handicapped! Her mother went to jail for negligence as she locked her kids daily in trailer & went for gambling.BRITNY got new home new family who took care of her & encouraged her to do something on her own! Besides she had become handicapped.Those boys got caught & they got jail too. She wrote a letter to her mother & asked for her adoption to a new family, every thing settled down slowly. 1 day when she came across reporters...a journalist asked her "are you angry on your mother & those murderers?" Her answer was surprising enough for me.. "I know my mother is not good she gave us hell life but i m not angry with her.. i talk to her once a week as she is my biological mother but i dont love her. I am also not angry with murderers... it's sad that my sister is not with me but i want to say thanks to them as they tried to kill me & i m saved & now i got a very loving family, if they hadnt tried to kill me i would not have got that loving family despite i m handicapped now. But I am very happy with my new life..."


Nilabh a.k.a Neil said...

Very nicely compiled and written but Still no matter hat the situation is India is a far better country than USA..

Well you might have seen some of the negative points here in india but trust me give some time over here and then you will be tired of watching the positive points and ATTITUDE of INDIA.

I'm not saying USA is not good. its good but in its own way but still not like INDIA.

Wish You all the Luck..Take Care

Nilabh a.k.a Neil said...

A Mistake In the second line

its What Not Hat.

Swapnil said...

mai Oz jaakar bataunga waha pe kaisa attitude hai!!! :P

but nice thoughts eh!!! :)

Vaisshali said...

Thanks Nilabh n Swapnil