I knw guys its too late..bt i still wanna share my special day n some of my friends make it more special this year....14/11/2008.. right guess... it's my B"DAY.
 My B"DY always start at mid ni8 ...when i was in india all friends used 2 call at ni8 only bt now i m at usa so not expecting much only few calls . But got so many unexpected calls...
Before 12 Garv called  bt before 12 he ends it exact on 12 DEBU called me unexpectedly as i was not expecting her call ..me thrilled  love u Debu..than Anni ji called me to come online where he was ready to celebrate my b;dy from india... i felt too good and touchy as i love him as my kid..he is my boy..love u. I cut the cake , than got call from Garv after Garv's call my bhatiji Varuna called me my sweet loving  beti i love her a lot she is my pet.. than my didz called me than Nimisha called me  than my Mamma . 1 very unexpected call was from Manu she is my bestmate from school time .. we share a relationship that doesn't need any words..hum ek doosre se saalo baat na bhi kare to bhi koi farak nahi padta  we remain always same as we are.. love u Manu... last but not least most unexpected and omg..it's Swapnil's call..the way he wish me omg i never imagined that.. he wish me by singing whole b'day song in such a sweet way that i still remember and smile came on my face.
I get lots of gifts  directly and indirectly.... all are so special and near 2 my heart 4 ever.

I got 14 gifts for each day of nov till 14th..
>Garv sent wishes on local Uganda radio and also asked eople 2 wish me ..so nice & so sweet of him..thats called a besti..
>Swapnil scold me for not gave address to him as he wanna send me some gift..so sweet of him
>Gaurav  my old friend GJ made 1 thread in his community dedicated 2 me n wrote a song for me ...so nice of him.

My B'day girl
My B'day girl

Dhokla Khila de
Jo khilade agar woh parathe...desi ghee waale
Haske dikhade,

GJ ko kabhi tu US se phone milale
GJ ke sath tu photo khicha le ..phir thoda b'day bhi bana le

Par GJ yeh maane na dekhi koi aisi US girl[na dekhi koi aisi us girl]

Dekhi lakh lakh B'day girl...
Ain't nobody like my B'day girl..

Dekhi lakh lakh B'day girl
Sab toh soni saadi B'day girl

Who's the hottest girl in the world?
My B'day girl
My B'day girl

My B'day girl
My B'day girl

My day was ended after having very nice dinner at '' OLIVE GARDEN''..

In this way all my friends made my B'Dy an UNFORGETTABLE DAY of life..




Lenigma said...

Happy Birthday Vaishali.

Vaishali said...

10x Cynthiya..its surprized n nice 2 see u on my blog..

Manik said...

Nice yaar :) People are really cool out there :D and you too are very nice in appreciating their wishes!

Nilabh a.k.a Neil said...

well good to see you in this mood..i guess i wished you but only by scrapping sorry for not calling you...changed my mobile so didnt have your no. in new one..

take care..and may god bless you with all his blessings..

varuna said...

bhua apke sare blogs bahut ache hai.. its really awesome :)

Vaishali said...

thanks alot..manik, nilabh n varuna...

nilabh u ask 4 my num any time.. :)