Years change so do days but sometimes amid these changes the course of your life and that's what happened in 2008 to me. :)
The year started with lots of wishes but slowly it brought lot of gloom & un happiness . I started thinking that this would be my one of the worst year. But my belief in the saying " THINK POSITIVE" made all the difference. I visited CA in july & very 1st day my brother took me to a book store & bought me a magic lamp ;) I never thought the book would bring such a drastic change in my life. I was far from dark sad nights towards a new dawn in my life.
After returning back from CA i told him[some 1 special] about that book , at that time our relation was going towards end. I followed the book & started changing my self slowly slowly and he did the same. Then we both decided to give our relation 1 more chance . Christmas vacations , those 10 days became my life's best days . OMG I am again in LOVE with him & day by day its increasing. Every day is now 1st day of my love life :) .We know each other from very long time & know that we love each other but in long run it was fading . Ending of 2008 revived my love life. I am very very happy.
Rather than this 2008 showed me many shades of friendship & love. I met my new sis , bestie, my jaan DEBU in 2007 but our friendship became stronger in 2008. I got my APPLE I-MAC in 2008. I got 14 gifts on my B'Day..as its on 14th day of month. My MOM's illness got cured at the end of 2008..that was the best thing that happened. I became a working committee member of INDIAN ASSOCIATIONS in a very short span of time. Its 1 sort of achievement . Nov 2008 was my best B'Day till date.



Nilabh a.k.a Neil said...

Glad to see you in this mood. I hope you'll again have a rocking year ahead [:)]

Keep it up..[:)] take care..

Swapnil said...

ahem ahem!!! :D

good going yaara!!! waise mera intro kab karwaying??? :P :P

Manik said...

Nice work! And postive theory samajh aane lagi hai tere ko! Mera wala post bhi daal de. [:P] Check my blog too! [:D]

vaishali said...

swapnil karwaungi yaar..jaldi kya hai..?? [:p]

manik which post re..[:o]

yup nilabh nw n forever in same mood[:)]

swati said...

amazing....what creativity and such positive attitude...now its my turn to get inspiration. keep going.

koolchampz said...

umm gr8 work !!

shagil said...

lovely work vaishaalii... :) keep it up

Vaishali said...

thanks yasir n shagil :)

Vaisshali said...

Thanks a lot Swati .... !!