Apart from relatives before marriage we have certain relations or friends are important for us. They really mean to us, but I have seen that after marriage most of time partner didn't understand or realise that those relation are really mean to other partner and we should respect them also.

 If husband's friends are important so wife should be cooperative and meet and maintain that friendship is important. Same applies for husband also, if some relations are important for wife than he should respect them equally.

 Why friendship ruin after marriage? I didn't understand this. I seen it from very closely as it happen in our friendship circle also. Distance in cities or homes doesn't make distance in heart, I believe in it and really mean it also.

 Every person has its own positive and negative. I believe maintain the relationship is tough and loosing friends are so easy. Easy ways are most of time are wrong. Beauty of relationship is to maintain it not ruin it . What if  friend of your's partner is not think same as you, not same age as you, not in same status as you.... these all  should not matter in friendship.

What really matter in friendship please tell me.....


Manik said...

Well read something similar in newspaper recently. Your take is quite good. My suggestion is just try to maintain contact with your friends as that is the best you can do. Hopefully our society evolves to help overcome these problems.

Debarati said...

Hmm may be u r right..par i dont think marriages ruin friendship..may be it brings some distance..because once u r married a lot of responsibilities come on you... its really the time that matters!!
too less of time and too many to people to share the same time!!
but ya its true we always choose the easy path and try to avoid the hard one.... and the easy path often leads us into troubles but the hard ones seem to drive away our probles...

lastly its noothing else but only our choice..
and for me,...friendship is nothing but everything !!!.... its a secure place to talk rubbish and a cosy one to rest in....!!

hope our friendship remains intact..warna jiju jo v banega uski toh

Vaisshali said...

Thanks Manik n Debz